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What Makes US The Best SEO Agency

  • Ranked 25,000+ Keywords in 1st in Google SERP for competitive Keywords.
  • Increased Web Oganic Traffic Visit - 17,000/Month to 15, 00,000/Month, Counting On..
  • High Quality Back links Creations 7, 00,000+ For Leading website & Web portal.
  • Increase the Domain Authority from 7 to 77 in 1 year time line.
  • Google Knowledge Panel - Create & Organize the Knowledge Panel For Brands
  • SEO Friendly Website/ portal Structure for - Navigation Structure for Whole application
  • Achieved The Target for Re-Branding website without lost 5% traffic.

Are you looking for best Best SEO company in Patna? You can find no.1 seo company in Patna?

Digiwise technologies the leading SEO agency in Patna, follows highly advanced and updated SEO procedures and ensures that every website it works on is attractive and high ranking. We provide top-quality SEO solutions in Patna and across different cities and states in India. Our SEO strategy starts with on-page optimisation, where our experts analyse every aspect of the site that can affect its visibility online. After rigorous website analysis, we chance the website so it becomes digitally sound, further enhancing the site's visibility. At the same time, we also ensure providing top-quality website content that is interesting for visitors and easy to understand. To ensure that all these procedures and techniques are carried out perfectly, our SEO team works incessantly and pays close attention to every aspect of Search Engine Optimisation.


SEO is our DNA

One the leading team working on a mission- Which called – Rank No-1 or top-3-5, 1st page in Google

Technical SEO

We are “Spider Man of Technical SEO” – List the seo technical glitches & dignose – Get resolved by our seo technique.

Trusted SEO Services

Digiwise is 100% bond with NDA, You Can share your credentials without any worry.

Portfolio (Back Track Record)

Get result page – SEO Result Deliver by DIGIWISE. I would suggest you to check the result in Google and cross check with the website owner, For 100% satisfied with results.

Transparent & White Hat SEO Technique

In order to get website ranking, We use only white hat seo technique. We maintain the website credibility with our technique.

No.1 SEO Company in Patna

Digiwise Technologies is no.1 seo company in Patna, Our technique, focus on website to make it compatiable to Google guideline for webiste ranking to respective keywords, It is generic and Patna specific, It's ranking will generate more organic website traffic, which is more covertable to real buisness.

Helping to incrase the backlink building for website, increase the more visibility in local level in Patna, serving with authority. We more ethical and solution oriented approach applying for website to get rank in Google.

What make us no.1 seo company in Patna

A.) Helping Business to visibility in 32,000 Plus Keywords in Google at 1st Page in Ranking in Google.
B.) Website - More than 3,000 plus make indexable in Google. Result page Search Engine.
C.) Increase the website organic traffic 0 to 5,00,000 in Google analytics traffic coming from USA, UK, Canada, Aus, India, Other Countries.
D) Create more than 88,000 plus leads for educational institution in Patna
E.) Optimize 400 plus G-Map ( Google Business Listing) to get enquiry for admission

You want increase your sales through the digital marketing, 1st choice is 13 years experience team of Digiwise, 100% guaranteed to increase your organic traffic, which is directly impact on conversion like = 5X or You can 10X, You are right page for

Offering our guaranteed SEO technique To increase your product/services visibility in Google SERP, Hire best affordable SEO agency in Patna running by 13 Years experience digital marketer.

SEO Technique: Sitemap Concept

On-Page SEO: Sitemap

A.) Create & Upload Sitemap

1. XML Sitemap

2. Images Sitemap

3. Video Sitemap

4. Urllist Sitemap

5. Html Sitemap

6. Ror Sitemap

Note @ All the sitemap creations done & Upload at , That Google can fetch & crawl all the pages, it is best practice to get ranking improvement.

Digiwise Technologies is a registered MINISTRY OF CORPORATE AFFAIRS GOVERNMENT OF INDIA firm in Patna,India. Google Certified Digital Marketing – SEO Company, Agency established, Headquarters in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi /NCR, India.

Patna is a start-up hub for business of online & offline, This is news coverage’s by ET. We are expert in SEO for website, app, youtube links. As of now Digiwise Technology has shown global PR market. We have served multiple industries

Ed-Tech –
  • Educational – App
    • Extramarks – The learning app – B2B & B2C, Offline Coaching
    • Vedantu – The leaning App
    • Byjus – The leaning App
    • Talentedge– The online executive courses
    • Maritnaton – The Leaning App
    • Upgrad – The online executive courses
  • Leading Entrance Coaching
  • Notable Colleges
Fin-Tech -
  • Top Aggregators – Website & App
  • Leading – Finance NBFC
  • Cryptocurrency – Website & App
IT & Software -
  • HCL – Technologies
  • SAS – nTalents, Toonly,
  • Weebly
  • Online Game – App, Website
Health – Tech -
  • Apollo – Website, App, G-Map
  • Dawaa India – Generic Dawaa for India
  • Dawaa Dost – Generic & All Medico Retail Chain
  • 1mg – A Tata Product
  • EasyMyParmacy - Leading App for Online Medicine order

That provides effective results, sustainable growth, better identity credibility and maximum ROI.

SEO Technique: Meta

On-Page SEO: Meta, Title, Description

B.) Create & Update Meta Tags

4. Title - Create – Title tag for target pages – There is a limitation in title tag character count, is there any trick? – What it is?  - It should be 100% keywords Oriented and should be very eye catch-up, Keep in mind how much character Google consider for title.

5. Description - Most 2nd parts of website after the title tags – because Google rank impact with this description. This is the game changer in Google SERP. Below parameter is guidelines :

  • a. There is word count
  • b. It should be natural
  • c. Keywords – included – Not stuff.

6. Keywords – This is very important after the semantic Google update done, faq – asking question how many keywords in put as per page, what is the limitation and all.

  • a. Very simple – How To Put Keywords & How Many (Number’s) – Need to target your page with one mother keyword & other are secondary keywords – put at least 5-10 mother and secondary keywords, then you can research in Google, what types of Keywords suggestion coming from Google.
  • b. R&D of Keywords - Research in Google, Research in Competitors website, Utilise you expertise.

Digiwise Technologies is Patna’s best digital marketing & SEO Services Company. We adopt a 360˚ approach to digital marketing including Website Designing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), SMO, Conversion Rate Optimization, ASO, ORM & More.

SEO Technique: Verifications

On-Page SEO: Google/Bing – Verification - Verify your site ownership

C.) Create & Update Verification - Verify your site ownership

7. Google Web console - Verify your site ownership -Create – The Google verification code and implement at website – which is show the ownership. Next this Google Web console will help you improvement of website health, Google guide through this tools – point by point suggestion sharing by Google time to time.

8. Google Analytics - Verify your site ownership - Most important parts of website for tracking the traffic, Organic traffic, website pages performance, Impression, click, user behaviours, user flow, website user time spend, most of traffic related data, Capturing by Google Analytics.

  • a. Website traffic
  • b. You can set – Goal in Google analytics for conversion tracking
  • c. Pages/Keywords – Performance tracking

9. Bing (Webmaster) Verify your site ownership – This is very important after Google, Bing is holding the % of search query from all over the world, process is – add your website & update code for ownership verification, Once done the verification – Got verified.

With more than 100+ clients under its belt, Digiwise Technologies is Patna's top SEO Company, based in Patna, Delhi/NCR, India and we are expanding!

This includes everything from

1. Organic – Marketing

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Quora/Google/Yahoo Anser

2. Website Design & Development

3. Re-Designing your website

4. Social Media Optimization

5. Developing online applications to engage your customers.

Wow, If you're here, you already know the power that SEO can have in turning your business around. For instance, 87% of Internet users have the intention of making a purchase when using search engines.

And sometimes a glance is all it takes for a browser to become a buyer. And at Digiwise Technologies, one of the best SEO companies in Patna, we're here to help you leverage just that.

SEO Technique: Linkbuilding

Off-Page SEO:

Link Building – Article – Blog, Guest Posting, Online Digital PR, Business Profile

D.) Off-Page SEO Submission – Link building

  • High Quality Directory Submissions
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Classifieds Submission
  • Business Listing
  • Ping Submission
  • PPT Submission
  • PPT Live Links Sharing
  • Image submission

* PDF Submission

* PDF Live Links Sharing

* Forum Submission

* Forum Live Links Sharing

* Web2.0 Submission

* Web2.0 Submission live Link Sharing

* Video Submission

* Web Submission

As a Top SEO company Patna, we comprise a team of 25 dedicated professionals with more than decades of SEO experience from leading SEO agency. Our team of SEO experts are passionate about making your business grow by giving you top visibility on the search engine (Google/Bing) results 1st pages.

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Our SEO solutions ensure top-quality website optimisation and even include articles and blogs in SEO submission to promote a website throughout different social channels. We are one of the best SEO agencies in Patna, specialising in transforming sites into brand names in the online market.

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